Blogging For The Money

What happened to the money, honey?

If you’ve created a fantastic blog with a lot of traffic, the opportunities to monetize it are virtually endless.
If you truly want to make money from your blog, you must recognize that moving too quickly may not be the best option. Almost all full-time bloggers who rely on their blog for a living have been doing so for at least three years. Building consistent traffic that can help you earn a living takes time. You can start running ads, using affiliate links, or working with businesses right away, but keep in mind that the amount of traffic you obtain on your site will ultimately determine your capacity to monetize it.
As a result, the first thing you should focus on is ‘Going Slow.’ Avoid quick-fix money-making schemes and instead concentrate on the broader picture. Examine how you can develop fantastic content while also ensuring that you are growing your readership. Don’t accept to write sponsored posts or host giveaways for items you don’t believe in but can help you make some fast money. Instead, concentrate on creating material that will attract more readers.

There has been extensive study done to show that there is a direct link between the number of monthly page views a blog receives and the amount of money the blog owner earns.
Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can monetize your blog once you have a sufficient number of readers:

Networks of advertisements:

Advertisement networks like Google AdSense,,, BlogHer, and others work with a huge number of advertisers who pay the network to have their ad placed on your site. You may receive a cost per thousand views or a pay per click payment, depending on the ad network. It’s sometimes a mixture of these two factors.
You do not need to do anything after your advertisement is in place. You can make money just by sitting around. The only disadvantage is the fluctuating ad traffic. You could make a lot of money for a short period of time if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Your income, on the other hand, may begin to fluctuate as trends begin to collapse.

This means that ad network revenue can be extremely lucrative if you can catch it. It also means that if you rely on advertising revenue, you should be cautious. You should diversify your sources of income.

As a result, if you want to make money from your blog, the ad network might be a valuable revenue source, but it should never be your exclusive source of income.
Google Adsense is the highest-paying ad network.

Bloggers may sell their ad space, establish their own prices, and even refuse or accept ads with Blog Ads.
When you first start using these ad networks, you’ll need to understand how to optimize the placement of your ads so that you get the most clicks and money. The optimal location is right above, below, or to the left of your major blog material, according to research. For ad placements, make sure you pick a darker color.
You can utilize content-based advertising as well. Remember that readers who come to your site for the content are more likely to click on the relevant products you promote.

Private Advertising: Any sponsored advertisement or link on your site that is paid directly by the firm that is advertising, rather than through a network, is known as private advertising. It’s usually a specific ad in a specific location that’s only up for a short time.

In order to work directly with companies, you must first outline your brand strategy and come up with great, new ways to offer private advertising on your website in the most genuine way possible.
You should be able to choose how you wish to collaborate with brands. Spend some time packaging your blog in order to offer it to numerous brands. Create an attractive advertising booklet that includes a summary of your blog, traffic figures, and opportunities available, as well as the businesses you want to collaborate with. You might want to consider creating a separate email address dedicated entirely to advertising requests.

Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing):

Affiliate advertising is an ad or a link to a product or a firm that pays a commission only if a customer buys something after clicking on the ad. This could contain Amazon links as well as links from other websites like Pepperjam Network, ShereASale, and E Junkie.
Building a trusting relationship with your readers leads to the most effective affiliate sales. Your readers will buy the products you offer because they trust you – they trust what you write and like the way you keep them entertained.
In comparison to other affiliate programs, Amazon sales pay out at a modest rate of roughly 5%. The nicest part about Amazon, though, is their user-friendly design, which lets you link to any of their websites or products. Imagine someone clicking on the affiliate link, going to Amazon, and instead of buying a $5 book, they end up buying a $500 coffee machine!

Yes, this is also achievable with Amazon – they offer everything under the sun, and the individual who purchased the coffee machine did so through your associate link, therefore you get a percentage. Isn’t it cool?

The best method to boost your affiliate sales is to create fantastic content and pay attention to what your readers are using and purchasing. Share links to products that you genuinely use or locations that you actually visit with your followers. Make sure your links are relevant at all times.

Sponsored Posts & Brand Promotion: Working directly with brands to promote their products within a post or series of posts is another common monetization method. Posts produced on a topic provided by the sponsor, product reviews, or paid product giveaways are examples of these.
Selling products: You may sell your ebooks, e-courses, or even stuff like t-shirts, tote bags, handmade decorative items, and so on on your blog. And the outcomes are self-explanatory: you get to sell your products via your blog, as well as generate fantastic income – all for virtually no money.

Selling services: Depending on your comfort level with a topic, you could sell local lessons, hobby ideas, or even internet consulting services like virtual feng shui and vaastu advice.

Writing and Speaking Opportunities: Writing a great blog post is how many well-known speakers land their first speaking engagement. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next in line!
Let’s have a look at some of the chapter’s action items:
You have to Slow down and remember that every blogger makes money in a different way, and nearly no one makes money overnight.
Determine the resources you want to employ and make your decision accordingly. You do not have to use every revenue channel available to you. Determine your blog’s tone and evaluate what works best.
Be honest with your readers and don’t promote items you don’t believe in or wouldn’t use yourself.