How To Write A Profitable Blog

This article is all about awesome content

Let us consider your favorite blog for a moment. Is there a blog that you can’t wait to read, even before a new post is published?
Now consider the aspects of this blog that you enjoy.
Is there a cool theme to this blog?
Are you a fan of the font they’ve chosen?
Is it because of the colors they have chosen?
Do you like how they have more than 5,000 Facebook fans?
Although the blog may have all of that, it’s likely that you’re only interested in the content. Don’t you enjoy reading things that you can identify with? You enjoy reading useful information. You can’t wait to attempt some of the mouth-watering recipes or DIY home-improvement.
You enjoy leaving comments and sharing your findings on the blog. In fact, you’ve agreed to participate in a 30-day decluttering challenge and are eager to share your results.
To put it another way, your favorite blog is awesome because it has awesome content!
Create material that adds value, is something you’re enthusiastic about, and that your readers will enjoy.
Create a calendar event for your blog, which is my next recommendation.
However, I can only write when I’m in the right frame of mind!
True, many bloggers begin their careers in this manner. Only when they are in the mood to write do they decide to write. The end effect is usually a disorganized blog with readers who are unsure of what to anticipate and when to expect it.
My advice is to develop a schedule of events if you’re serious about blogging and want to make money from it. It may be a basic word or Excel document in which you specified what you would share on a daily basis.
You could even use different colored highlighters to distinguish between posts that are still being written and posts that have already been written and posted. I like to use a green highlighter for drafts, a red highlighter for due but unfinished posts, and a blue highlighter for finished posts.
Your calendar should be planned at least two months ahead of time, and your post should be prepared at least a fortnight ahead of time. While it may be necessary to change things about a bit, make sure to stick to the plan as much as possible.
Even while you’re on vacation, proper planning can help you stay to your schedule. Imagine being able to update your blog while on vacation with your family in the mountains or at the beach. Simply plug in a post that you’ve already written.
You would assume that coming up with two months’ worth of amazing, brand-new material will be challenging. Effective brainstorming is, after all, the key. You must make time for yourself at least once a week. You will be at your most productive during this period. On a table, jot out your blog subcategories using a variety of colored sticky notes. Now, just think about what your readers would like to see from you in the next 15 days or so for the next half-hour. Whatever comes to mind, jot it down on paper. Leave a category blank if you can’t think of anything for it and return to it later.
Now it’s time to organize all of your sticky notes. Spend the next half-hour turning these concepts into intriguing blog article titles.
Keep in mind that this brainstorming technique isn’t set in stone. You might brainstorm while cleaning the house or in the shower on a daily basis. It’s all up to you. Make a decision about what works best for you and follow it.
Writing a fantastic blog post: some pointers
Let me be clear right from the bat: if you despise writing, blogging is probably not for you. You must practice the discipline of writing in order to publish a blog post. Decide on a time each day to write a specific number of words – I like to write 1,000 words at a time. This means I’ll be posting two times every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. You may set a daily goal based on your objectives and make sure you achieve it – practicing to write a particular number of words every day would improve your writing style significantly.
A superb blog post will increase blog visitors, Pinterest pins, Facebook shares, and tweets. What’s the net effect of it all?
All of this contributes to the success of your blog.
Some of the things you must accomplish when writing a blog article are as follows:
You must make a strong statement in your post: Sometimes writers write on a variety of topics, and the reader becomes perplexed, wondering, “Well, what was he actually trying to say?” towards the conclusion. Write blog posts that have a message to make to keep your readers interested. In a single sentence, these posts can be summed.
Visual appeal is required for your post:
You must include stunning photographs with your blog postings. This is a crucial fact for all of your posts, especially with the Pinterest ad.
One simple lesson should be taught in your post:
Now, I’m not trying to scare you away from tackling difficult projects or concepts. However, over time, I’ve noticed that the posts with the most traffic are the ones with the simplest content – people only want to read one easy lesson at a time.

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Your post should elicit an emotional response: The most popular posts are those that make people feel something. They can make you happy, sad, furious, empathic, appreciative, or encourage you. Ascertain that what you publish is relatable to others and that your piece elicits an emotional response.
Your article has wowed your readers:
Please share one blog article that inspires awe rather than a slew of others that fail to elicit any emotions or spark any discussion. Write about things that you care about and that your readers can’t help but notice – they should be able to put everything else aside and focus solely on your piece.
Encourage and empower your audience with your posts:
Consider combining a beautiful photograph with a difficult dish. The attractiveness of the photograph ensures that it is noticed. The recipe, on the other hand? As soon as they start reading it, your readers will lose interest. It’s too difficult for them to understand and relate to. They have no intention of making that meal!
Why not include a few pointers to make the recipe easier to follow? You could even write about your challenges and how you overcame them.

Your readers must believe that they, too, are capable of accomplishing their goals.
Your article must be original and engaging: Your post must contain something spectacular, unique, and intriguing. Readers should be able to approach a problem in a new way after reading your essay.
One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that every time you want to write a post, you must create incredible material. Your material should be able to attract traffic to your site, so make pieces that receive a lot of comments, Facebook shares, and pins, as well as being readily search engine optimized.

This means, in a nutshell:
Great content = killer blog post = viral traffic = big bucks
Reviewing a few of the chapter’s important takeaways:
Make an event schedule and stick to it religiously.
Every week, set aside time for self-brainstorming.
Whether you like it or not, discipline is the key to creating outstanding content that can go viral.

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